We are a small, family-owned winery with a single goal — to produce wine that is 100% expressive of the Charmant property and the Pinot Noir grape. Our location in the Santa Cruz Mountains, about three miles from the coastal town of Aptos, California, provides an ideal climate for growing Pinot Noir, with long sunny days and cool, moist evenings as the coastal fog rolls in from the Monterey Bay.

Charmant Vineyards consists of 16 acres, of which approximately 5.5 acres are planted with Pinot Noir, the oldest of the noble vinifera grapes. Dijon clones 115 and 667, and Chambertin — a “heritage” or “suitcase” clone — were specifically selected for Charmant Vineyards.

While our property is known locally for producing very high-quality wines (formerly known as Diane’s Block under the Windy Oaks label), 2017 was the first year we created our own Pinot Noir under the Charmant label. We take a somewhat unconventional approach and believe that the best wines are made in the vineyard, and not in the winery. As such, we avoid manipulation during the winemaking process which can overpower the delicate nuances of the Pinot Noir grape.

We ferment each vineyard block separately, in small one-ton open-top fermenters, after which it is aged in the very best hand-selected French oak barrels that have been air-dried for three years. We do not pump, filter or fine our wines, using only gravity flow techniques. The end result is that the true nature and terroir of our wine is allowed to speak for itself.

We strive to produce “only the best, for the best.” A Pinot Noir that honors the land and those who enjoy our wine.



Vintage 2018, 2019 and 2020 is aging in barrel.

Contact us to reserve.

The projected price point for our “Estate” Pinot Noir is $48 per bottle. Vintage 2018 “Estate” will be released sometime in 2021, followed by the release of our vintage 2018 “Proprietor’s Reserve“, sometime in 2022. If you’d like us to save some for you, let us know (limit one case per person).

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